Our services and solutions are designed around the needs of our Members and our clients. The AASA has tirelessly worked to build and maintain a consistent national brand in South Africa that motorists can rely on.

The world class service we offer our corporate clients is achieved through industry leading systems and processes, which in turn are supported by a fleet of emergency response vehicles, and dedicated call centres for customer relations, advice, and emergency assistance.

We have unified processes, people development, third-party relationships, and measurements that enable us to offer a comprehensive, effective, and efficient solutions to both personal Members and corporate clients.

Our approach is a simplistic one. We design superior products and services around the needs of our clients and our clients’ customers. Our comprehensive range of Motoring, Mayday and Lifestyle services are available to the clients and policyholders of banks and insurers as white label or AA-branded services.

Our core services include:

Roadside assistance services available to your customer include breakdown assistance, battery replacements, towing services and locksmiths.

AA Mayday gives your customer access to emergency medical services whenever they get behind the wheel of a car. Benefits include air and road ambulance services, guaranteed admission to medical institutions, safe conduct for minors and liaison with next of kin.

AA Stand By You gives your customers peace of mind in the event of a breakdown. We will dispatch an armed ADT Security guard to keep them and their vehicles safe until an AA Patrolman or tow truck arrives.

Breakdown, accident or hijacking? With the AA Rescue App your customers have access to emergency assistance at the touch of a button. Now that’s motoring peace of mind!

With the AA Designated Driver service, your customers know that they will get home safely after a night out! Available 365 days a year in all major city centres.

The AA’s CSI solution provides you with an opportunity to gather direct customer feedback – from understanding more about the quality of the experience you offer, to your overall brand perception, as well as insight into possible areas for development.

AA Taxi-after-Tow provides a swift and convenient taxi service to the occupants of a vehicle that has been towed.

In the event of an accident or hijacking, AA Incident Assist provides trauma counselling as well as a replacement phone, cash voucher and airtime if your customer’s phone is stolen. A transport service can also be provided to ensure that your customer gets safely to any destination of their own choosing as well as a message relay service to keep family members up to date. If your customer’s home is invaded, the service will provide referrals for security guards, locksmiths and glazier services as well as car hire, a transport service and accommodation if necessary.

Don’t let a small problem become a bigger one! AA Glass is a convenient one-call solution for automotive glass repairs. Our mobile glass repair units will repair chips or scratches at the customer’s convenience, no matter where they are!

Value-added products include:

Now your customers can avoid time behind bars and exercise their legal right to bail! AA Added Value for Bail will help your customers post bail following arrest for a minor crime.

The AA Security Service offers your customers an armed security guard if the customer has a need for personal protection at home or on the road.

Meet your customers’ needs in a time of crises with the AA Handbag & Wallet Cover and Document Assistance, a telephonic service that allows them to cancel all the lost or stolen cards in their handbag or wallet through one phone call or USSD.

Now your customers have a travelling companion thanks to the AA Trip Monitor service that will call them at regular intervals to ensure that they are safe and alert.

AA Service Day gives your customers access to a rental car while their car is being serviced! An AA representative will deliver the car to the dealer and fetch it when it is returned.

The AA Post Hospital Care service provides a medical information line, transport for post-hospitalisation check-ups, message relay service and financial support for day-to-day expenses. In addition, customers have 24-hour access to a nutrition information line through a network of professional specialists.

To be launched soon:

  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Inventory Assist
  • Reminder
  • Travel Assist
  • Savings & Discounts
  • Potholes
  • Accidents
  • Fines
  • Licence
  • Scratch & Vehicle Pick-Up & Collection
  • Concierge
  • Family Care
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