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AA Fleetcare provides turnkey emergency roadside assistance solutions for fleets of as few as 5 vehicles and up to 300 000. AA Fleetcare’s focus is on mobilising broken down vehicles at the roadside to ensure business continuity and minimise fleet downtime. The AA has a successful track record of mobilising 95% of vehicles at the roadside. Where mobilisation is not possible, vehicles are swiftly recovered to a place of safety or repair.

BENEFITS aa-fleetcare-logo
Roadside repair services in our road patrol areas 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. These include:
aa-flat-tyreChange of flat tyre · ·
24_7Home start service · ·
locksmithKey lock-out service · ·
aa-fuelFuel to reach a filling station · ·
AA Battery Service – Mobile automotive battery replacement service (Major Metropolitan areas). This includes:
aa-batteryTest battery and vehicle engine charging system · ·
aa-batteryJump-start vehicle · ·
aa-batterySupply and fit a new battery if required at a competitive price (Cost of Battery not included in subscription) · ·
Tow-in service to the nearest AA Quality Assured repair centre, nationwide.
aa-recovery-towMechanical breakdown ( Cost of towing covered within a 40km round trip, calculated as the distance from the nearest AA recovery Service providers depot, to the scene of the breakdown, to the drop-off destination of the vehicle and back to the Service providers depot) · ·
24_7Electrical breakdown · ·
aa-road-patrolCollision damage (Accident tow costs covered by the AA to the nearest AA Quality Assured repairer) Pay on use ·
rescue-meAttempted Theft (if the vehicle cannot be driven) Pay on use ·
aa-accident-towCaravan and trailer assistance · ·
EXTENDED BENEFITS aa-fleetcare-logo aa-fleetcare-plus
Overnight hotel accommodation (up to a maximum of R350 per person) for the driver and up to four passengers, following a breakdown, collision or theft. Pay on use ·
Or Emergency transportation (Car Hire Group B). Car hire for the time it takes to reach the destination or the AA Fleetcare Plus subscribers registered home / office address, using the most direct route, up to a maximum of 24 Hours. Car Hire includes stamp duty, theft protection waiver and 90% collision damage waiver insurance costs. The driver must be in possession of a valid credit card, drivers licence and must be over the age of 23. Pay on use ·
Repatriation- should the driver continue his/her journey while the vehicle is being repaired, the AA will pay the reasonable costs ( equivalent to hiring a Group B vehicle at AA rates for 24 Hours) of returning the driver (or nominated person) to collect the vehicle once the repairs have been completed. Pay on use ·
Message relay services Pay on use ·
Chaperone service for stranded minors Pay on use ·
AA MAYDAY EMERGENCY RESCUE SERVICES aa-fleetcare-logo aa-fleetcare-plus
Emergency evacuation and transfer to the most suitable medical facility · ·
Medical hotline, 24-hour information, referral and advice · ·
Guaranteed hospital admission (with a refundable deposit of R5000) · ·
Relocation after treatment · ·
Liaison with next-of-kin to keep them informed · ·
Travelling companions for stranded minors · ·
Repatriation of mortal remains · ·
Hazardous chemicals and poisons information · ·
ADDITIONAL BENEFITS aa-fleetcare-logo aa-fleetcare-plus
AA technical examinations and technical advice at preferential rates · ·
Telephonic Motor Related Legal advice · ·
Free road and touring information and travel maps · ·
Accommodation booking services · ·

*Terms and conditions apply to the above services and these are included in the FLEETCARE Subscriber Handbook, an electronic copy is available upon request. The handbook is included in the fulfilment pack that will be sent to the customer upon confirmation of subscription.

Due to uniqueness of the requirement and actual on-road assistance anomalies with light- heavy commercial vehicles, please note:

  • The AA could provide you with access to our call centre for 24 Hour Assistance, unfortunately only on an annual subscription basis:
    • The subscription is to the AA call centre (access only): R250 per vehicle per year, excluding VAT. Allowing the driver of the vehicle the ability to call the AA for assistance 24/7/365
    • Telephonic Assistance resulting in towing-costs will be for the client’s account on a per incident basis. The AA will always get a detailed quotation for feedback to the driver and approval (subject to customer contact person availability), prior to dispatching assistance. The AA has a dedicated fleet of commercial service providers nationally that assist our clients at pre-determined, market related call out and towing rates.
    • Current rates are available upon request
    • The customer will be required to open a 30 Day account with the AA and the service is subject to the approval of the account.
  • Vehicles towed to nearest AAQA – guaranteed
  • Advanced reporting intelligence – per incident, model, location and fault
  • AA manages and owns patrol vehicles, battery vans and tow trucks
  • Apply AA’s technology GPRS in Emergency Response vehicles – reduces dispatch times and provides real-time incident information, between our emergency call centre and our drivers
  • AA Fleetcare cover is registered in the name of the customer.
  • Vehicles are registered as the units of cover, for a period of 12 months.
  • The vehicles’ registration numbers are required for validation purposes.
  • Customer name is entitled to full AA Fleetcare or Fleetcare Plus benefits; depending on which scheme is selected.
  • The AA Mayday medical emergency rescue service forms part of AA Fleetcare/Fleetcare Plus benefits and is available to any authorised driver of the vehicle and his/her passengers.

Fulfilment material

  • Registered vehicles receive fulfilment packs containing:
  • A plastic (credit card type) AA Fleetcare or AA Fleetcare Plus card
  • Copy of an AA Fleetcare Service Handbook which contains the terms and conditions for services
  • A pamphlet concisely detailing the benefits of AA Fleetcare, AA Fleetcare Plus and AA Mayday
  • A “Do Not Tow” decal (to use in the event of a collision)
  • A combined AA Fleetcare and AA Mayday decal

In order for AA Fleetcare to maintain a full and comprehensive record of vehicles and owners, customers are to provide details regarding the vehicles to be registered. AA Fleetcare undertakes to administrate all data relevant to the registered vehicles and to maintain a separate and confidential electronic file (of vehicle registration numbers and descriptions). The validation of service is by vehicle registration number, and is subject to the AA Fleetcare subscription being current.

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